Enabling successful Partnerships

VikRee is an ecosystem engagement platform that helps you connect, sell, incentivize and exchange information with your partners; with a high level of trust and attribution.

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Single view of your ecosystem

Engage closely with your ecosystem - create plans, solutions, opportunities with multiple partners to drive customer value

Suited for ALL partner types

Manage joint pipeline with both transacting & influence partners with high levels of attribution

Measure partnership health

Accurate view of partner contribution with real-time information on joint plans, pipeline, solutions


Automate Incentive design

Create incentives with self-service wizard, auto-enrol partners, send alerts, follow-ups. End-to-end incentive design & execution

Gamify your incentives

Combine sales & activity based incentives to increase partner engagement, new product awareness, trainings

Track Incentive Performance

Measure incentive engagement, partner performance, leaderboards at partner & individual level



Built grounds-up for ALL partner- types: resellers or ecosystem partners.


Multi-partner collaboration
all along customer lifecycle 


Monitor joint incentives & activities, reduce friction, improve ROI


Control your data - share/revoke access, track usage


Easy attribution, real-time reporting  - no more spreadsheets!


Blockchain to enhance trust, visibility, historical immutability

Subscription Plans

Flexible subscriptions - start small, expand as you grow
cover your entire partner base!


Connect upto 5 partners
Unlimited users - Internal & External
Create & Share Unlimited plans, pipeline
Email Support
Customizable Admin Dashboard
Secure interactions with high attributability
Comprehensive Reporting
Contact Sales


Size based on your # of Partners
Unlimited users - Internal & External
Create & Share Unlimited plans, pipeline
Email Support
Create Multi-tier relationships
Integration with CRM through APIs
++ ALL features of Business subscription
Contact Sales
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