Introducing VikRee

We enable successful partnerships


"Sapiens are the only animal that can cooperate with flexibility, in large numbers"

- Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

To survive, and to succeed, human beings partner.
Businesses are no different and are constantly pushing partnerships beyond usual limits. But, how do you foster trust in your partnerships? How do you plan together with partners, create solutions that will solve customer problems?

We are VikRee, and help you with a single pane of data across all partners in your ecosystem. What you see is what the partner sees, at any point of time. Partner interactions are imbued with high levels of trust, security and you can measure partner contribution accurately, at any point of time.

Succesful partnerships thrive with the accountability, trust and transparency that VikRee offers.


VikRee is founded by Tech Industry veterans with more than 2 decades of experience in selling technology and managing global partner ecosystems. Our passion is to solve customer problems leveraging technology and we are bringing our expertise and experience together to build VikRee to help our customers unlock the power of partner ecosystems.